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Native English

Learn English like a native

Prices are listed in EUR and are charged without dph. Standard classes are charged every 45mins.

Face to Face lessons: Please note that in the event of a cancellation in face to face lessons, the student is required to give the teacher no less than 24 hours before cancellation otherwise the lesson will be charged in full. The classes which are canceled in advance of 24 hours will not be charged and can be rescheduled by agreement.

Group lessons: Client pays for each 45mins even when the client is not present. the price of the course is based on the price list and depends how many students are registered on the course. For example, if a student cannot attend anymore, the existing students will have options where they will pay more more based on the price list or we can try to find a replacement student.

Course name/Service


Face to Face (60 mins)

€ 20.00

Group of 2 students

€ 10.00 each

Group of 3 students

€ 9.00 each

Group of 4 students

€ 8.00 each

Group of 5 students

€ 7.00 each

Group of 6 students or more

€ 6.00 each

Company courses

by agreement

Consultancy/mentoring (45mins)

€ 20.00

Consultancy/mentoring (60mins)

€ 25.00

Proof reading per page

€ 10.00 per standard page